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L.Electric Glass Co.,Ltd (LEG) was established in October ,1980 (2523 B.E.) and the first product is glass tube for making the lamp and due to expansion of production , the company build the new factory in 1990 (2533 B.E.)  and new company name is L. Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd  (LLG)  Located at  Bangpakong Industrial park , Amphur Bangpakong  , Chachoengsao Province and  After operated the both factories until 2010. Board members need to compact management and decide to merge both companies together and registered company in name of  “ L. Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd “  (LLG) until now.

In 2014 , the company was expanded the business to produce glass bottle and huge investment to purchase the high technology  IS machines from Germany and Italy including online inspection equipment from France and also Automatic Palletizer from Italy to create the high quality of glass bottle.

Now L. Lighting Glass Co.,Ltd  (LLG)  is large manufacturer for the glass bottle (Amber and Flint glass) and also glass tube and glass bulb for lighting (Soda glass and Lead free glass).


1.)    Glass Bottle

We can produce the glass bottle with the process of  NNPB ( Light weight bottle ) , Blow & Blow ( B & B ) , Press and Blow  ( P & B ). The advantage of our glass color is shiny than the others and also we can produce the bottle with your embossment.

2.)   Glass Tube

We are producing the Soda glass ( SL-A ) and Lead Free glass ( LF-44 ) without composition of Antimony and Arsenic substance. The Both types of glass are environment friendly. We able to supply the glass tube and automotive glass bulb with excellent quality such as glass tube T-5 , T-8 , T-9 , T-10 , T-12 and glass bulb S-25 , T-19 , G-18.5 and G-18.7 etc.